The second month of autumn

On October 5th we entered the second month of autumn. The weather still warm, so we danced outside and we also had some lessons out in the open air. The students were hardworking, motivated. Our elders spoke about their favorite books. Our middle ones worked a lot in the classroom, talked, learned to introduce themselves. In the history class, we talked with these students about baltic goddesses and the legend of Iron Wolf. Our little ones dived straight into the theme of the lesson “Book Kingdom” and continued their acquaintance with the Lithuanian alphabet. Children repeated the letters and words they had already learned. The little ones also talked about the importance of books and learned the poem "Mano Knygelė". Our kindergarten class got acquainted with the names of fruits and vegetables in Lithuanian. During their tasks, the children developed language and social skills. Our elders had a unique history lesson. We went outside and talked about the baltic culture, also King Mindaugas, the personal importance of ancient baltic heritage. The elders also examined the text "Sunki mama," writing the analysis of character Jovita. At home, our elders will read and analyze the text "Ubagas" by Jonas Biliūnas. The students and our school team and collective began to prepare attentively for the annual children's festival.

"Inside me, I contained my own universe."
― Antanas Škėma

Lithuanian School