General information

There are many Lithuanian families living in Virginia and its suburbs, United States of America.  According to our knowledge ,there were many students who didn’t attend Lithuanian Kristijonas Donelaitis Saturday School, established in Maryland state due to the distance. Due to the parents initiative and support we started our school. It took us a long time to come up with the name, so we decided to stay with easily pronouncable name for both Lithuanian and American community. The school is currently located in Vienna, VA – a suburb of Washington DC.

We established our school to expand the opportunity for more students to learn about Lithuanian language and culture.  We identified that many Lithuanian families living in the Virginia area and the nearby suburbs of Washington DC. didn’t attend Lithuanian Saturday School because there wasn’t a school located close to where they lived. With the enthusiastic support of these families we founded our new school. We proudly dedicate our selves to becoming a great resource to our community and the DC area. It is why we simply named our school, The Lithuanian School of Washington.