School Choir

The aim of the school choir is to gather singing children, encourage self-expression, and to open up and foster their creative skills and musical talents. Singing encourages friendliness, informal communication, and attention to one another.  When singing, kids will become accustomed to the culture of the spotlight.

I find it very important to get to know each child and their world, to foster in kids an admiration of music, the desire to sing, and the need to participate in their school’s musical activities.  I will help kids to understand and unlock the spiritual life through the codes of music and to express by voice our deepest feelings.

When working, I will encourage and invite moms and dads, grandmas and grandpas to actively participate in schools musical activities.  Singing gives joy, courage and self-confidence and also provides a pleasurable diversion.  It allows the traditions of our nation to be holistically nourished and creates a harmonious community of kids, parents, and teachers.

Musical Teacher Viktorija Zaboriene