The Lithuanian School of Washington invites students to study Lithuanian language and literature; to get acquainted with Lithuanian history, customs and traditions; and to sing, dance, make music and play act.

Students may enroll from ages 3 ½ to 18.

  • The enrollment fee is $85 and prospective students must register at the following site:

  • The tuition for the academic year for one student is $985.  If the family plans to enroll a fourth student, that tuition is free.

  • For each student there is a one-time technology fee of $50.  This fee is paid at the same time as the annual tuition.

  • Tuition for the academic year is paid at the beginning of classes (September).  However, payment may be made earlier by special request.

  • The school also offers advanced Lithuanian classes for students. The times, specific programs and fees are individually negotiated. 

  • Additionally, Lithuanian classes for adult learners are offered. The times, specific programs and fees are individually negotiated.

If you have questions about fees, payment terms or any other financial queries, please contact:

Registration for the 2019/2020 school year begins April 2019.

We are looking forward to seeing you.