Knowledge test

On September 28th, we explored our knowledge in Lithuanian language, culture and history. All classes had a knowledge test. We analyzed the level of children's language, historical knowledge. Our little ones spoke privately, had a little one on one conversation in Lithuanian. Our elders were busy with the test all lesson, they handled the tasks well, passed the history test almost perfectly.

The little ones also analyzed the poem "Rudenėja" in a playful and detailed way with the teacher, learning forest goods, wild animals and other objects in the forest and woods through educational games and assignments. The elders were preoccupied with the test. Our fifth graders, after the test went outside. While listening to the song "Minotaurai" by the band "kamanių šilelis", they engaged in Baltic meditation, we listened to the sounds of nature and ourselves.

 “Enormous is a role of literature and art in developing a free, creative, active personality. <...> Without a deep spiritual culture, without a beautiful, meaningful pursuit of life, there is no personality,” wrote Just. Marcinkevicius.

Lithuanian School