The Lithuanian Educational Council of USA announces drawing competition

A drawing competition of Juozas Tumas-Vaizgantas' work - "Mikutis Gamtininkas" and " Dedes ir Dedienes" - took place at school.  This year is announced as Tumas-Vaizgantas Year in Lithuania. To honor this author, we organized this competition.  Students learned lots of new words and heard his stories for the first time - the hen hatching her chicks, the skylark protecting its nest from the eyes of people, how a skylark feeds its chicks, and how Mikutis made friends with his dog and kitten.  There were a lot of views from the Lithuanian countryside that are dear to the heart:  butterflies, spiders, dogs, kittens, hen with its young, and skylarks.  Students colored using crayons, colored pencils, water colors and others - the kids found it interesting.  

The drawings will be evaluated according to creativity, preciseness, and completion.  It is very important that drawings match the subject.  We're going to wait for the results of the competition - we hope to have some winners!

Lithuanian School