Studying and Testing Knowledge

At school, we had our testing day.  Gandriukai class students had a test: written exercises, reading, new vocabulary and the contents of the “Obuoliu maisas” cartoon.  We are happy with the effort of the little ones – all of them passed the test.  After the hard part was over, they dance with teacher Egle, sang at the music lesson, and happily played with their friends.

Zvirbliukai class had two lessons together with Peledziukai class while teacher Ausra was conducting individual exams.  All the others watched the cartoon “Auksaplauke.” It’s meaningful to communicate with kids from other classes – to get to know them better and understand them more.  Kids don’t like to be without any activities so that’s why they managed to not only learn and study but to make crafts.

Second, fourth, sixth and seventh graders were preparing for the essay:  disccusseing the subject, planning the writing, developed ideas for the thesis. Maybe they will talk with historical figures – maybe they will clothe their words in an artistic fairy tale – maybe they will compose a poem?  But everyone agrees with the statement:  “I am a global Lithuanian.”  This statement is one of the proposed essay subjects for the students.  The efforts of this day will give goods fruits for next Saturday when we will be writing essays for the competition.

Lithuanian School