The Joy of Learning

With Gandriukai Class last Saturday, we spoke about the five senses – what they are called and their importance.  We tasted sour lemon and sweet sugar, smelled different smells, with little hands we touched different material surfaces, we exercised our eyes and listened to silence.

Peledziukai Class recalled the names of colors, geometric figures, and learned counting.  While playing the train game, a balloon flew into the classroom and exploded sprinkling lots of fun tasks that kids successfully accomplished.  Kids enjoyed the winter atmosphere outside and then back in the classroom they cut out the symbol of winter – the snowman.  Everyone enjoyed and is eagerly looking forward to the next Saturday.

Zvirbliukai learned the letter R, learned concepts like „sphere“ and „day and night.“  Kids understood the concept of „day and night,“ differentiating  between light and darkness.  They did a small project “My Lithuanian Heart” dedicated to the February 16th commemoration.

During history classes, students recalled the time of Lithuanian revival and drew its symbols.

Fourth graders worked on brain storms.   After thinking a while, they had to tell what they knew about Lithuania.  They recollected the spelling of diphthongs, and collected and matched rhyming words with one another. They recalled the future tense of verbs, did exercises, practiced correcting mistakes in grammar.

Class 4B had a surprise brought for them from Lithuania – fountain pens! No more pencils! They eagerly got to the task of learning the present tense of verb conjugation.

The oldest created fairy tales and learned a lot.  It’s fun that learning gives joy. “What you learn will not be carried on your shoulders.”  “Learning accessorizes a person.”

Lithuanian School