Freedom Defender's Day Commemoration

To this important historical event, to this important date we paid particular attention at school.  In the morning, while singing the anthem, we sang it thinking that we were paying homage to the defenders who died.  We lit 14 candles - one for each person who perished on the night of January 13, 1991.  In his speech, history teacher Eigirdas Saulius Kruopis praised the love of the homeland, honored the Freedom Defenders, exhorted us not to forget the ones who fought for us, and spoke about the main values of the nation that helped us become free.  During the literature lessons, we read a fairy tale related to January 13th.  When analyzing the fairy tales, we recollected the main events of the country's history, when the Lithuanian people defeated the red nine-headed hydra from the east.  Students made and colored Forget-Me-Not flowers and pinned them on their chests as a sign that their memory was still alive.  During the rehearsals, it seemed that the songs for the country were more sonorous and the desire to sing was stronger.  Adults - parents and teachers - also joined the choir.  We are diligently preparing for the February 16th celebration.

Lithuanian School