The Joy of Spring

This Saturday everyone from the youngest to the oldest was enjoying the sunny spring weather.

Gandriukai class spoke about plants and discussed what plants need to thrive. They went outside and planted flowers into small pots, which they took home. They will be able to observe the growth of the flowers at home.

Peledziukai class also enjoyed the sunny Saturday. They learned the letter S and made a lovely sun from the paper.  They also counted, drew, danced, and visited the school’s library where they looked at wonderful books for kids.

Classes 4a and 4b joined together and shared their ideas and creativity. They worked outside in small groups of three. They filled in given tasks, taking pictures of what they see, hear, draw and write. Today they were learning the “instrumental case.” They had to present the results of the group to the whole class.

Next Saturday is already April. April will be dedicated to The Book. We will read books, discuss them and illustrate them.

Lithuanian School