Books – the Source of Knowledge

April is the month which is dedicated to books.  The Book – it is the most important learning tool.  The Book – it is the story of life.  The Book – inspiration is caught mid-flight.  This Saturday the kids read books, chose fairy tales which they will read next Saturday.  The little ones browse the pages and admire the illustrations.  Teachers read to them, but the bigger ones already analyze and choose which fairy tales they prefer.  The oldest read books seriously – novels, short stories, and legends.  They learn alot from the books.  We are happy that everyone willingly takes books into their hands.

Kids did many more things than just reading – watched a movie about birds, drew flowers, observed nature, picked blossoming dandelions and made a small wreath.  Nature is like a beautiful, interesting, always-changing book that you have to read every day.  Today, in the middle of cherry blossom season, teacher Laima finished her internship and is going home, with a promise to return.  We will be writing her name into the School Memory book.

Lithuanian School