On September 14, we gathered to school


We talked a lot, remembering last year's themes and words.

This year is dedicated to ‘book carriers’, who during times when Lithuanian language was banned, smuggled Lithuanian book across the border to keep language alive in underground schools. 

Over the course of the year students in each class will collect and complete their own books filled important parts of Lithuanian language. Some classes have already begun to fill their books.

Our elders wrote essays, miniatures for the summer theme. Discussed “what is history?”

This year we plan to get acquainted with the following historical topics: Grand Duchy of Lithuania in Jogaila and Vytautas times; Lithuania after Vytautas' death until the Union of Lublin; The Grand Duchy of Lithuania in the Republic of Both Nations; Lithuania in the Russian Empire; Lithuania during World War I; Interwar Lithuania; Lithuania during World War II.

This year we will work on expanding the children's vocabulary and encourage them to speak lithuanian. Even during breaks, children will be encouraged to speak Lithuanian. Those who speak Lithuanian the most, given the individual abilities and efforts of each child, will be awarded a mystery prize.

Lithuanian School