Singing to the Spring

Pelėdžiukai class read the book about Kake Make finding the spring. The kids made kites to run with through the spring fields.

Žvirbliukai class discussed the jobs they would like to have: policeman, zoo keeper, school bus driver, construction worker, soldier, doctor, ballerina, photographer, teacher, banker.

 Gandriukai class’ theme of the day was the post office. Kids created stamps, wrote letters – learned everything about postal work.

Older kids learned parts of speech, conjugated verbs and nouns, read, wrote and  play acted. 4A class spoke about transportation, rules of the road and practiced driving scenarios.

All students danced and sang, as music and singing develops pitch and voice, lifts the mood, generates positive feelings, focuses concentration and develops the sense of spirit.  That’s a bunch of good emotions that fill up our students with charges of positivity every Saturday. That all happens during choir, music lessons, ensemble and solo recital and dance practice.

Lithuanian School