The day of tests and essays

Today all students took tests, the older students wrote essays as well. The little ones also had time to enjoy the weather and play outside.

During the history class the fifth graders talked about "ATR Noblemen Republic", about their estates, their nobility and privileges in the public life. They also looked at different historical sources, compared the lives of noblemen and peasants and looked at pictures of some of the most famous estates. The first graders talked about the topic "Lithuania+Poland = two nation republic". The third graders talked about the weakening and collapse of the Lithuanian-Polish republic, completed some exercises, looked at the republic's division on the map and talked about the T. Kosciuška's uprising.  They also looked at the lands that were lost after the collapse of ATR and calculated how long LDK existed. Eight graders covered the reasons for the collapse of ATR, and watched a short movie about the changes of the Lithuanian borders from Mindaugas until the collapse of the republic.

Lithuanian School