Our tree of words has grown up!

Today we added the last words to our tree of words. It has the most beautiful words, which remind us of our country: the bridge of Palanga, the nest of a stork, the smell of mints, Mardi Gras, stork, the sand of Baltija, etc. 

Our kindergarten class talked with teacher Aušra about books: where do they come from, where do we get them, who writes them, who illustrates them and which is the first page. They also reviewed shapes, colors, counted up to fifty and learned the letter V. They also created their own book "We love Lithuania".

The third graders completed their first semester test and completed their history knowledge test as well. They also tasted bread that our teacher Aušra baked, watched short videos from Anykščiai and Žemaitija about bread baking. They read a poem "Juokias duonelė" by J. Degutyte. They read proverbs about bread and talked about the role of it in Lithuanian culture.

The other third graders talked about cities. They talked about different places in the cities and how to find them.

The oldest students studied words that are made from two separate words and their grammar and meaning. They also wrote wishes for Lithuanians 100th birthday.

As we get closer to the celebration of Lithuania's 100th birthday, our songs sound better and louder. Today we wrote down the 100th most beautiful word for Lithuania. We hope, that Lithuania will be proud of our work.

Lithuanian School