The tree of words has grown!

Today we gathered in the yard outside. We decorated our tree with the most beautiful words, blooms and leaves! With all of our work and words, the tree bloomed: homeland, Gediminas castle, the scent of mint, grandparents' homestead, the sand of Baltija, bluebottle fields, duke, the blooms of apple trees, unity, freedom...Our teacher Marija reminded us a poem by M. Daukša "Postilė", where he described that a country thrives not in the beauty or fertility of its land, but in its language that contains unity and community of the country.

Vytautas Kubilius, our guest from the Lithuanian Embassy in Washington D.C., congratulated our community with the upcoming centennial celebration. 

We all surrounded our blooming tree, held hands and sang the Lithuanian anthem. We raised the flag, remember the poem of S. Zauerveinas and congratulated Lithuania with its centennial birthday!

Lithuanian School