Fun Saturday

This Saturday our little ones, Pelėdžiukai, reviewed colors, geometric shapes, numbers, learned the letter Nn and new words: night, nose, handkerchief, note, house and elf. They also talked about day and night and what we see during the night: stars, lightning, candle, lamp...They also played a game night/day and later danced and sang.

Kindergartners talked about emotions, completed many exercises, learned the letter D and worked with the tablets. They even had time to go outside and enjoy the beautiful day.

First graders continued to learned to speak, write and read about their days and weeks. The music teacher taught not only to sing, but also to play the bells. They spent the last class using the tablets, where they continued to learn Lithuanian.

Some of the third graders talked about what people used to do during the old winter nights, wrote a dictation and read a story "Žiedo Dalijimas".  The other third graders learned about cities and many new words.

Fifth and sixth graders read a poem "Atvirkštybių parkas" by G. Morkūnas. They learned that you have to follow rules in life. Breaking rules and acting against them can get you into trouble. They also talked about the books they read in their free time and wrote beautiful sentences to Lithuania.

Eight graders started their intense preparations for their Lithuanian level exams. They reviewed grammar rules, declension uses. Students also talked about various life topics.

During history class the first graders talked about noblemen, where they lived, how their estates looked. Third graders talked about "ATR - noblemen republic" and compared the life of a peasant and a nobleman, learned about their estates as well. The oldest students covered Ljubljana Act and its importance to Lithuania.

Lithuanian School