Recital Contests

At the school we held the recital contest - poems of the Fall Season Recital.  Our handmade bird of poetry alit on the school’s poetry reading event and became its symbol.  34 students recited poems. The youngest participant was three and a half years old. 6th and 7th grade girls recited poems that illuminated the Lithuanian mother tongue because November is dedicated to the exaltation of the language as the main value of the nation.  Other kids recited funny, cheerful poems about autumn, nature, birds and animals. The poem “Mano batai” is still popular. There were no losers; every participant managed their stage fright, recited what they memorized, delighted their parents and teachers. Everyone was thanked for open-hearted participation and received diplomas.  Rudenėlis treated everyone to red apples. From this event the Word Blossom added the word “skambus žodis.”

Lithuanian School