All Saints and All Souls days

Today at the Lithuanian School of Washington, we commemorated the close of the All Saints and All Souls days.  We spoke about the origins of these days, visiting the cemetaries and burning candles to our dearly departed.  

Students made symbolic candles and altars, and teacher Viktoija Zaboriene sang an incredibly beautiful worship song which concentrated everyone's thoughts on the season.  

6th and 7th graders again read fairy tales to the little ones - continuing the program 'Words from the Lips to the Heart.'

Teachers informed parents about the results of the Knowledge and Skill Assessment tests.  4b Class teacher Laima held a parent meeting. 

Teacher Birute held an integrated IT and Lithuanian lesson with the second grade GENIUKAI.  In this lesson, they were studying prepositions in small groups.

November is the month of exaulting Lithuanian language as the main value of the nation.  That's why during the 'Word Blossom' DESCRIPTIVE LANGUAGE bloomed.  We are learning poems for the upcoming recital.

Lithuanian School