Knowledge and Skill Testing

Tests – A very comfortable way to examine student progress. Teachers prepared various interesting tasks that would reflect students writing reading and speaking skills. Students from all classes passed the tests and we will reflect on the results next Saturday.  We‘re pleased to see that even the smallest kids are starting to write letters and numbers and the oldest ones are creating texts, reading with flourish, and analyzing written works. 

We are happy that parents and kids are interested in the library. Parents chose books for little ones; older ones decided which books they wanted to read themselves.

Class Gandriukai‘s teacher led a lesson about bread.  Kids found out just how long bread‘s journey to the table is, learned new words, tasted some bread, and played.

Teacher Egle led dancing in a spacious hall.  We are already starting to register kids for the coming dance festival and preparing national costumes as we organize this year‘s dancing group. 

The school‘s WORD BLOSSOMS bloomed with a bright fiery red autumn bud „mandagus“ (polite).  So that‘s why we discussed what politeness is and what kind of person we call polite.

Lithuanian School