Thanksgiving Day

The Word Blossom bloomed with the word „kind.“ When approaching the Thanksgiving Day we have to be kind to each other, to give words of kindness and to express thankfulness for everything.  

Geniukai class played a game about kind words during the first period.  They tossed the ball to each other with each kind word: you‘re good, you‘re smart, you‘re creative, etc.  Lukas and Vilte kindly agreed to present the books they read.

Zvirbliukai class while preparing for Thanksgiving made a wreath of gratefulness and wrote on it what they are thankful for: for brother, for sister, for turkey, for pumpkin pie, etc.  The theme of the day was „We are all different but all similar.“  Kids were looking for differences among themselves: different eye or hair color, etc, but finally they decided that all of them are very similar and thanked their parent for similar things.

Peledziukai class completed a turkey puzzle. Ieva and Ona recited poems while playing cheerfully.  It is extremely pleasant that these little ones already recognize letters that they‘ve learned.

Gandriukai class spoke about the members of their families and the celebrations their families have in Lithuania and America.  They also spoke about the coming Thanksgiving day, made a tree and hung leaves on the tree with words of thanks on each.  They all played games with a ball and completed the turkey puzzle.

Class 4A solved a crossword puzzle titled „The Beauty of Nature in the Lithuanian Language.“  After that, they looked at Lithuanian maps and shared their knowledge of Lithuanian rivers, making a long list of river names.  Jokubas brought pictures from his summer holiday by the Namunas and recited the poem „Daina“ by Maironis.

Class 4B played the game „Two Minutes of Glory:“ practicing speaking skills, speaking about themselves and presenting their family tree.  They also said what they should thank their parents for.  The teacher is happy that kids are willingly filling up their vocabulary notebook and learning new words.

6-7 Class girls read fairy tales to the little ones.  All the girls brought wonderful essays about the fall season which we will publish in „Atzalynas“.

Lithuanian School