Lithuania's Independence restoration day

Today we celebrated Lithuania's Independence restoration day. Renata read a poem by L. Petronienė.

Today we also started parents' project "Our heritage - our pride. Our country gave us our language, traditions and family history". Parents Erika, Egidijus and our teacher Renata talked about Aukštaitija region.

It was a busy day for our students too. 

Pelėdžiukai learned the letter Tt and the most important word of the day was flag. They also wrote out Lithuania and weaved with Lithuanian flag colors.

Kindergartners spoke about seasons and drew trees in all seasons.

First graders talked about their hobbies and learned "ai". 

3a class continued to learn about Aukštaitija region. They talked about Anykščiai region, famous people and places: Museum of Horses, Baranauskas house and read the legend of Puntukas rock. The students also learned about pilots Darius and Girėnas. 3b class learned new words, talked about what they had in the classroom, raised questions and answered them.

5,6,8 graders decided to change their winter clothes into their spring ones: they took of their warm coats, scarfs, took of their boots and changed into colorful t-shirts, light blouses. Girls put on some beautiful accessories. Each student talked about their outfits. We learned a lot of new words: collar, cuffs, hoodie, zipper, suspenders. We also started to analyze a story by Ilona Ežerinytė. Everyone was intrigued by the story, but Sofija finished reading it first. Everyone was curious about the ending of the story.

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