Last winter Saturday according to Lithuanian Calendar

Pelėdžiukai were drawing snow-covered trees, learned the letters Ss and Šš and new words that start with them.

Today's theme was "I will be healthy". Teachers talked with children why we need to wash our hands, brush our teeth, eat breakfast. They drew little microbes and erased from their pictures. Later they colored teeth and their friends, toothbrush and toothpaste. They also read Kakė Makė story about a dream birthday. We also wished a Happy Birthday to Onutė.

Kindergarten children also talked about being healthy, counted their teeth and what to eat to grow well. They learned the letter Gg and counted up to fifty.

First graders talked about their hobbies, what they like to do, they read and wrote.

One group of third graders talked about their day's therem "Lithuanian - the most precious language", sang "Žemė kėlė žolę", competed who can say a tongue twister the fastest, sorted words with short and long vowels. The other third grader class learned words about school and talked about their theme "In the Classroom".

Fifth, sixth and eight graders read, wrote and took some test.

The students also had fun dancing and singing.

We continued to celebrate Lithuania's centennial with some cakes.

Lithuanian School