A1-B1 language level testing and Saturday's work

Today Lithuanian schools in the US were conducting language level testing. Students born in 2004 or before could participate and test their language levels. Our students Jonas Sujeta and Kristupas Vorobjobas with Monika Krunkaitis from Kristijonas Donelaitis Lihtuanian school came to school ready for the test. The test, made of three parts (reading and writing, listening and talking) did not feel too long as they tried to show their best skills in writing, reading and speaking. To be able to communicate in a language is a joy, but speaking and knowing the langauge fluently is a virtue and patriotism. This test was an important evaluation of everyones' year long work and proof of their years work. Our school is working so that everyone after 14 years old can successfully take this test.

The fun during the classes

Pelėdžiukai learned letters Uu and Vv and new words: river, fiver, mosquito, Easter, rainbow, frog, windmill, etc. They talked about Easter and filled their paper Easter baskets with with colored eggs. They counted their eggs and talked about their colors.

Kindergarten students learned the letter Žž and the words blue, green, winter, giraffe, scissors, grass and they counted up to fifty. They also talked about Easter, drew and colored eggs ad talked about rainbows.

The first graders continued talking about things they love and things they gate. They also learned about "ie" and enjoyed music and dancing classes.

3a talked about cities, while 3b learned words related to easter and read a story about the Easter Grandma.

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