Lithuanian Language Days

Because February 16 through March 11 has been dedicated by the Lithuanian Language Commission in Lithuania as Lithuanian Language Day, our school has also dedicated these days to the Lithuanian mother tongue.  On the Word Blossom we wrote "BALTIC LANGUAGES."  In classrooms we analyzed hundreds of interesting facts about Lithuanian language, discussed the language development and its features.  We evaluated Lithuanian language uniqueness and its importance in the development of other languages.  6th and 7th graders will prepare at home for a language quiz.  We read poems about the mother tongue.  6th and 7th graders created artistic texts about letters, words, vocabulary, language, texts, and thoughts.  4a Class students spoke about why Lithuanian language is important.  They were looking for the most beautiful words - smile, love, thank you...  They remembered proper behaviors for being a guest as well as conversation topics and verb tenses.

4b Class students had a chance to become reporters and participate in a press conference.  The "Press Conference" method encourages students to prepare their texts in a logical structure, to learn a speech, and state their ideas consistently.  Every student prepared the topic "My Day" and answered questions that other students asked them.  (They were also journalists.)

The subject of the day for Zvibliukai was "Words are Powerful."  In the classroom they spoke about politeness and cultural behavior.  They discussed the main and most beautiful words of politeness.  They learned how to share, ask for help and to thank politely.  They read a fairy tale by Hans Kristian Andersen - The Ugly Duckling.  They discussed why it is important to love each other, to help each other, to be happy with each other, and to speak nicely to each other.

Peledziukai class listened to poems, admired the sound of Lithuanian language, learned letters, and decorated the first letter of their name.

Everyone enriched their Lithuanian language vocabulary.

Lithuanian School