Essay Competition

On February 9th all students wrote essays.  This essay competition named “Lithuania in My Heart” was organized by the Lithuanian Council of the USA.  Second graders (Geniukai) created “Forest Fairytales.”  It’s interesting that not all students have visited Lithuanian forests.  When preparing the essays, kids learned more about Lithuanian forests.  To some of them, up until now, forest was just another name for a park.

Fourth and sixth graders wrote an essay ”What Do Forests and Meadows Tell Us.”  What would forests tell us if they could speak?  Seventh graders wrote “I am a Lithuanian of the World.”  They discussed how Lithuanians feel in the world with a sense of pride.  They said that they are proud of their origin and they brainstormed what good they could bring to Lithuania.

“What does it mean to be a Lithuanian of the world?” “Why is Lithuania dear to us?” – these are subject close to our Lithuanian-American hearts.

We’re happy that everyone had a story to tell and wrote their essays.

Lithuanian School