All Saints' Day and All Souls Day

This Saturday our teachers Sonata and Povilas talked about All Saints' Day and All Souls day. Our teacher Povilas showed us photos of cemeteries during the All Souls Day, filled with lit candles. We all sang a song, sung during this holiday, "Kas tave šaukia, žalio vario". Our teacher Sonata explained the song, saying that for ages the Lithuanians have remembered this song-game for All Souls day. The song expresses longing and invites us to enter through the All Souls gates. Singing in couples, the singers walk in front of each other as if to enter the world of the dead from the world of the living. This song reflects the world view of the Lithuanian culture - human life is a circle, our life continues with our children and our grandchildren. When the time comes, we all peacefully move from the world of the living to the world of the dead.

During the classes, the students remembered their relatives, who had passed away, lit candles, drew them and talked about their meaning.

The students also worked hard and learned a lot. The first graders had a fun day - they enjoyed a pizza party and played with Tomas and Vaidas.

Lithuanian School