The project "Baltos lankos, juodos avys, kas išmano, tas jas gano" has started

Today we welcomed our guests from the Klaipeda National College: Andželika Bylaitė - Žakaitienė is a doctor in social studies, and a docent at the National College Social Studies and Tourism and Recreation departments. Jonas Kavaliauskas is a director of drama and theater studies, folklore theater "Aitvaras" and group "Martvedžiai" leader, ethnocultural event organizer, Klaipėda National College Social Studies department specialist and lecturer. Rima Ežerskiene is a lecturer at the Klaipėdos National College Social Studies Department, Administration and Education sub-department.

Dr. A. Bylaitė - Žakaitienė talked to us about the goals of the project, told our students about Jonas Basanavičius and his achievements. She also thanked our students for participating in illustrating a tale "Golden Bridge" by J. Basanavičius. 

Lecturers Jonas and Rima met with our students. Jonas brought plenty of old Lithuanian instruments, taught our students to play them and sang Lithuanian folklore songs. Rima taught our students how to tell one of J. Basanavičius tales "How a wolf asked for bread", danced and played with students as well.

These were fun and interesting classes! The students learned how to use many new instruments and learned new words. We are all looking forward to Sunday to see what the students will learn then.

Lithuanian School