A great day at the school

Today was a very productive day at school. Pelėdžiukai continued to learn the alphabet - the letters Ee and Ėė as well as the number 5. The new words today were hedgehog, elf, manger, lake, eagle. Today's theme was "My senses", so the students made the letter E with scented play-doh and later tried to guess the scent of each letter. We also made little hedgehogs out of apples. This was also the first time our little ones used tablets during their class. Although it was new and required a lot of patience, all of them enjoyed solving the exercises. 

We also played a game "Warm and Cold" outside. We tried to find the warmth of the sun and the coolness of the shade. Later on we all ran back to our classes.

Kindergarten students were very busy - they wrote, drew, did some arts and crafts, sang. The first graders continued to talk about family, drew the map of Lithuania and continued to use tablets for their grammar exercises.

The third graders wrote out sentences with the new words from our word tree: homemade bread, customs and Palanga Bridge. They also continued reading and grammar lessons. Other third graders also acted out some situation, also used the new words.

All students also completed an assessment this Saturday

Lithuanian School