The Last Day of School

Today we said bye until September to the school and the teachers. All kinds of birds came to our end of the year concert. It started with a dance "Birds are chirping in our trees". All of our songs and dances were dedicated to birds. Thanks to our music teacher Viktorija Zaboriene and our dance teacher Egle Parker for a beautiful concert to end our year. Also thanks to Elija and Darius' mother Vilija Tell for leading the event.

Today we also celebrated the graduation of Jonas Sujeta and Kristupas Vorobjovas. Rachel Bartunek and Izabele Vilimas were honored for wining the essay writing contest. We also celebrated and gifted books to those, who read in Lithuanian.

After the concert we went outside to play with our fathers to celebrate the upcoming Father's Day.

We thank all of the parents, the teachers and the students for a beautiful third school year. Have a safe and wonderful summer! 

Simonas Falkauskas