Centennial Library

"Can you distinguish a person in the street who is well-read or poorly-read? Yes. From the eyes, from the facial expression, from the glances exchanged. And especially from the way they look at a child." (literary scholar Kęstutis Urba)

For 3 years we have been collecting books and organizing book fairs. We were gifted a lot of books from generous people and publishers. As the books accumulated, it became necessary to establish a library that would be easily accessible to everyone: students, parents, teachers. So today we opened our library of Lithuanian books. You can find everything here: fairy tales, poems, novellas, essays, self-help books, fantasy, books for young and old. When we announced this good news, we were admiring the books, read and reflected on the beautiful illustrations. Active readers have already taken books home and next Saturday will be able to exchange. The books must be cherished but that shouldn't preclude us from sharing, reading, analyzing and appreciating them.

Lithuanian School