The first integrated Lithuanian digital library at the Lithuanian School in Washington

On October 15th the Lithuanian School in Washington is starting the first integrated digital library of Lithuanian electronic books called "The Giant", which looks to reach our school's goal to have a modern digital Lithuanian library.

Thanks to this platform, our students will have the ability to connect to over 1,300 electronic books and read them, while the teachers will be able to use it to prepare for lessons and projects.

According to the Dainius Blynas, the project leader of "The Giant", the fast pace of lives limits our ability to spend time with a book. In addition, living abroad, it is hard to access books in Lithuanian. He believes that having a full access to over 1,300 electronic books, the library visitors will open a Lithuanian book more frequently, while "The Giant" will contribute to improving reading literacy and foster learning of Lithuanian language. "The Giant" project was created by "Alma Littera Group".

The director of Lithuanian School in Washington, Ilona Verbušaitienė, says: "This is a huge opportunity for the whole school community to choose and read the most popular and the newest books. All you need is a tablet or a smart phone. We are very grateful for this huge opportunity".

The school community will be able to start using the digital library starting October 15th.

The project "Digital Library" was supported by the Kazickai Foundation.

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