The Day of Restoration of Lithuanian Independence

Virginijus Pikturna was our guest this Saturday - he is one of the Act of the Re-Establishment of Lithuanian Independence signatories. Our guest told us about important dates in Lithuanian History, reminded us of January 13th, described the political movement around the restoration of independence, the moods during those times. It was a huge honor to hear a signatory speak on this important celebration.

The students were making windmills and heart-shaped flags, discussed the meaning of freedom. The students had all kinds of answers. The students in kindergarten class responded that freedom is when you have a friend and when you sleep well and for a long time (Austėja), freedom is when you complete your homework (Talia), freedom is when you are not in jail (Francesca), freedom is when no one complains about you (Kovas) or when you can do whatever you want (Vilija). 2nd grade students responded that freedom is my mom, my dad and my brother (Greta), when everyone is honest (Eva). For 7th grader Jonas freedom is doing what you like, for Kristupas - being able to openly express your opinion.

For the 5th grade student Izabelė freedom is having good laws, for Renata - it's happy life, for Karolina - living without pressure. The answers from the 10th grade students were a bit more serious. Tom said that freedom is responsibility, choosing what to do and what to think. For Vaidas it means being yourself and responsibility.
We also did not forget to study, dance and sing.

Lithuanian School