Special weekend

Today we started the presentation of the project "Representation of Lithuania in spoken word and costume". Agnė Biskytė was visiting us from Lithuania. We started with a movie "Lithuanian National Costume". Agnė reviewed and covered the most important things from the movie: how the Lithuanian costume is unique, how to recognize the costume from different regions. After the movie, both the parents and the students participated in a creative workshop "My national costume". Everyone was creating a drawing of their own costume. Our teacher Skirmantė also covered Lithuanian words and expressions used to describe dressing up.

After a lunch break, we had a second creative workshop, My story based on "Eglė žalčių karalienė". Our teacher Marija reminded us of this Lithuanian folk tale. After, each student received a kit made of small wooden symbols from the tale, colorful threads and instructions on how to make a necklace or a bracelet using the symbols.

After the workshops, we had a little exhibit to enjoy everyones creativity.

It was a really special and fun day for everyone. Both the parents and the students spend the day creatively while learning a lot about Lithuanian National Costume.

Tomorrow we will have a presentation of the second part of the project at the Lithuanian Embassy. Agnė Biskytė will speak about the Lithuanian national costume then and now and will present her clothing collection "New Seasons".

Lithuanian School