Solving Riddles

This Saturday at school was the “Day of Riddles.”  Who can win the title of King (or Queen) of Riddles?  There were two competitions:  First-graders versus third-graders and sixth-graders versus ninth-graders.  The students were judged on the riddles posed and their solutions.

There was much laughter and some tears shed …The most knowledgeable riddle-solvers were Ula and Jokūbas (first-graders), Renata (third-grader), and Sofija (fourth-grader).  Also, Sofija made up her own riddles for us to solve. 

Bugs and beatles – the topic of the day for the group of our youngest students.  Teacher Aušra read stories about bugs and beatles and acquainted her students with the letter “Z.”  Each of the students made their own ladybug.


Lithuanian School