Remembering the old family traditions

The easter is approaching fast. In his " A box of Lithuanian traditions" L.Klimka wrote: "Myths of many cultures say that the world started from a bird's egg. The egg is the cosmic embryo symbol. A bird would bring spring and save the human kind from the cold and starvation. The bird was worshipped for its good deeds. The first egg that was found each spring was sacrificed to the nature and the awakening of the life cycle. The egg used to be colored in red to represent blood and fire." Each of the symbol on the egg had its meaning. The egg decorators today remember the symbols their grandparents used during their childhood. "Each time we etch or outline a symbol with wax, we connect with the old times, we bridge the ages and the generations."

We thank our student moms Vilma and Irena for continuing the family traditions.

Lithuanian School