Happy Theater Day!

This Saturday Pelėdžiukai talked about birds that live in Lithuania and learned the letter H,h. Students in the kindergarten potted flowers, learned new words that start with the letter Bb, drew a lot and wrote. They also played outside and observed the changing nature. The slightly older students learned different parts of speech, spelling and punctuation. They danced and played some games.

The oldest class learned about theater to celebrate March 27th - Theater day. The students played acting games, completed improvisation exercises.
We all played and had some wonderful moments. Let's remember B. Shaw words: "We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing." So let's keep improvising and playing!

Happy Theater Day to all, who create characters, direct plays, go to theater and enjoy this beautiful art. Happy Theater day to everyone, as we are all creating our own plays; we are all actors!

Lithuanian School