Presentation of the project "Cultural eras in history and literature"

For the past semester 10th grade students were studying different historical eras: Antiquity, Middle Ages, Renaissance, Baroque. Each student chose an era and prepared a presentation on an aspect important to that time period.

Vaidas chose to present the rulers from these eras. He made masks and covered them in symbols, which described them. From Antiquity he chose Julius Ceasar, the ruler of the Roman Empire, a knight and a writer. From the Middle Ages he chose Grand Duke Vytautas, from Baroque he chose Henrik Value, who became the king of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in 1573. Vaidas chose Zigmas Vaza from Renaissance - a Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth king, crowned in 1578.

Herkus and Gertrūda created a computer game " A trip through the eras", which highlighted the problems that arose in each time period. Gertrūda created the drawings, while Herkus put together the game.

This was a very interesting presentation and it was great to see our students collaborate on this project. We thank the students for their creativity and the teachers Monika Ruškyte and Dovė Buzaite for their help.

Lithuanian School