This weekend has been very active. We rehearsed for the Christmas concert program, marked the birthdays of Kaja and Matas, and presented the “Our Family Traditions” projects.

We sincerely enjoyed the children's presentations, which demonstrated how creative our students are and how seriously they prepared for this project. Tomas, Jonas, and Renata told about their family tradition and one played the accordion while they all sang a song. Kristupas and Sofija talked about family trips accompanied by hand-drawn pictures.  Kaja and Ula showed a lot of beautiful family photos.  Gertruda and Nomeda very playfully described their how Christmas was celebrated with their grandparents in Lithuania.

Ema prepared an expressive poster with pictures of her family celebrating different holidays throughout the year.  Matas and Tadas drew a beautiful poster and described the family Christmas celebrations. Stepas and Kostas talked about the dog Rex, who is their family friend.   Benas presented his drawing.  For Greta Christmas is very important because of all the family members look forward to receiving gifts, most of which are brought by their grandmother. Vaidas spoke very seriously about his family’s traditions.

It was delightful to learn what our children consider to be important and to watch how creatively they presented their projects. There were many enjoyable moments.

Lithuanian School