From my Heart to your Heart...

Christmas is time for miracles and also time to celebrate our achievements and plan even bigger things for the upcoming year.

Our kids wholeheartedly created these beautiful Christmas ornaments that we would like to share with you during the concert on December 19th. Day in and day out they not only improve their Lithuanian language skills, but also amaze us with their creativity, willingness and capably to learn, and their pure hearts!

We kindly ask you to support our school and our mission, so kids can continue to learn and grow as responsible and worthy next generation of Lithuanians.

Your donation will also make you eligible to win a title of our school's "Christmas Angel". The celebration will take place at the Lithuanian school on December 19th, 10 AM.

Please send your donations here:

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Lithuanian School of Washington
P.O. Box 992
Vienna, VA 22183

With sincerest gratitude and love,
"Lithuanian School of Washington"

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