Introduction of the project “Meet me and my family”

The value that we focus on in October is people that help us grow and develop. “A person can not grow on their own– a person helps others develop” – E. Miezelaitis.

This Saturday students presented their projects “Meet me and my family”. We presented what makes us and our families interesting.

We talked about our parents, mothers, brothers and sisters, what we like to do together, why we learn languages, play instruments, and travel. The students presented their families through posters with photos, pictures, Lego figures representing family members, and dances. It was great to see students show great pride in their families. Paula talked about her family and her father, who used to be a runner and a cyclist. Paula showed her dad’s medals to her fellow students. All of our students had interesting stories to tell about themselves and their families.

The oldest students discussed family values and how they contribute to the well-being of their families. This project was a great exercise for public speaking through presentations of what students know and love the most.

This Saturday students used tablets during their classes. The 9th and 10th graders worked on “”, while the kindergartners played games to learn colors and shapes.

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