"Happiness is a fox"

At school, in the "Word Blossom" we wrote the word HAPPINESS because we had a guest, author Evelina Daciute, who came bearing books.  The author presented her book "Happiness is a Fox" to our school community.  She shared her experiences in creativity.  She told about how she started the book - the ideas for illustration, about the fox, and of course, about happiness.  In what shape does happiness reveal itself, how do we accept it, and when can we feel happiness in our lives?  Students listened to her in wonderment and followed with creative exercises.  Each child created symbols of their understanding of happiness on a colorful sheet of paper.  To be happy probably is much simpler than to think about it.  They created very interesting pieces of work worthy of its own exhibition.  

After this meeting we had our general rehearsal of the Christmas concert.  We need to prepare for the concert so we can feel happy.

Lithuanian School