"Christmas Dream" Concert

Christmas has already come to the Lithuanian School of Washington.  The whole school community was involved in preparing for the "Christmas Dream" concert.  The youngest students danced to the stage in a procession to the music of folk songs - dressed as snowflakes.  The oldest girls started the program with the Ramute Skucaite poem "Silver Fairy Tale."  Christmas songs were sung by the school choir "Gile," the ensemble, duets and solo.  The soul was warmed by pure student voices - from children's lips, the holiest words were spread.  The dance group "Eglute" danced, kids recited poems - every student participated in the program.  The concert was very cozy; warmth was in the atmosphere; open-heartedness was in the air.   That's why everyone felt good.  Santa Claus brought presents to all.  Lithuanian embassy diplomats Tadas Kubilius and Kestutis Vaskelevicius watched the concert.  Embassy Second Secretary Tadas Kubilius greeted the school community and guests, thanking students and parents for constantly nourishing Lithuanian traditions and language and keeping strong bonds with the homeland.  At these kinds of moments, we feel unity in the best sense of the word.  There wasn't a person who didn't contribute to the success of the event.  We all felt happy.

Lithuanian School