Getting ready for Mother's Day

Today we all made invitations to our Mother's Day. This month is dedicated to books. Pelėdžiukai, 1st graders and 3a prepared books. Pelėdžiukai and 1st graders also worked on tablets.  Pelėdžiukai remembered colors, numbers and shapes. They talked about plants and what they need to grow and bloom. Everyone already knows what plants need the most: soil, water and sun. They also put together a picture puzzle that shows how a bean grows.

Kindergarten class talked about books, what writers and illustrators are.

The first graders talked about birthdays. They learned how to invite their friends to their birthdays, how to say happy birthday, wish them happiness.

3a grade presented their year end projects - their notebooks of sentences "Lithuania and I", completed a year end knowledge test, talked about Lithuanian rivers and lakes. They enjoyed their lunch outside!

The 5th, 6th and 6th grade students are already used to our tests, so it was not very stressful. They all recited poems and prepared for Mother's day. Let's hope we don't forget the words to the poems for our moms. The students also made invitations to a class "Crafts with moms".

Lithuanian School