Classes and the project "Discover Lithuania"

Today we continued to grow our "tree of words". The students found new words: freedom, flag, anthem. We talked about the meaning of these words and used them in sentences.

History teacher Povilas started the project "Discover Lithuania". During the history classes, the students will talk about important cities, their history and their landmarks. The first city they discovered was Kernavė.

Kindergarten students not only studied, but also acted out the tale "Dangus griūva". First grade students reviewed how to say hello and goodbye. They talked about the seasons, month, weekdays, weather and numbers. They reviewed the letters S and R. They ended with the tale about a turnip. Third grade A students learned words about Lithuania, talked about the meaning of names, recited poems and talked about the crusaders during the history class. Students in third grade class B talked about family, family members and made bookmarks with the theme of freedom. They also make paper dolls and presented them to other students using new words they learned. Fifth and sixth grade students read tales and created one about the beginning of the school. They also reviewed spelling. Eight graders studied a poem and reviewed grammar. Students also were drawing pictures for the school's fundraiser.

Lithuanian School