The Youngest At The School Are Learning About Traditions

Since Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are approaching and filled with traditions, on December 5 we introduced our little ones to beautiful and warm traditions: What is Christmas Eve? Do we all celebrate Christmas Eve at home? What kind of dishes does mommy or grandma make for Christmas Eve? And what is Christmas? What we decorate before Christmas? What do we find under the tree on Christmas morning?  This tutorial also reiterated learned letters (we had two large sheets with snowflakes on which were glued lower-case letters: the children had to find their corresponding uppercase letters) and learned Lithuanian words that begin with the letter “k,” such as the Lithuanian words for Christmas Eve, Christmas, soldier, mountain, cat, and many others.  It was fun! Our main piece of work was the lesson of different colored strips of paper to make their own Christmas trees. The children really worked enthusiastically to learn the lesson. Each Christmas tree was unique, but each in its own way was very beautiful.

Lithuanian School