Today the school was visited by the Vilnius Theatre Laboratory company “Open Circle.”  The students and teachers participated in a live, improvisational musical performance based upon the poem of S. Nėris entitled, “A Grandmother’s Tale.”  The students were happy to meet the joyful, charming fairy-tale characters:  The Goose Pumpkin; Jonas the Third Brother; the Orphan; Egle the Wife of the Grass Snake; the Miraculous Talking Well; the Sun With Shorn Pleated Hair; and other characters.  Real miracles occurred on the stage:  the Sun sang songs; the Well and the fish in the water talked; and the Orphan picked violets in winter.  It was great fun for both the children and the teachers to together re-enact the fairy tale, with the adults playing the parts of the sea, seagulls, and ships, and the students playing the parts of various trees -- an oak, a birch, an ash, and an aspen.  The children's laughter was contagious, and it was a lot of fun for the adults.  After the performance the actors praised the participants.  It was fun for everyone to become immersed in the miraculous fairy tale world and to actively create a fairy tale with the great actors.

Lithuanian School