The class of November 20th

The theme of this class was the poetic style of Maironis. During the class we read Maironis’ poems about the past of the motherland, the beauty of nature, the rebirth of the nation and personal struggles. The students looked for changes in the mood of the poems, recognized the narrator and his emotions, his relationship with the world. The students had chosen some of the poems before the class and spoke about why they chose them. The students also received all the poems we covered and “How to read a poem” from R. Tūtlytė book prior to the course. After the class each student received an individual homework question to respond in 3-5 sentences. Herkus – How does Maironis describe the motherland in his poems. Gertrūda – Who is the narrator in Maironis poems? Vaidas- What are the worries and anger about in the poem “Skausmo balsas”? Tomas- What is the relation between the human and the nature in the poem “Alpių viršūnės”? Paulius – How are Maironis’ poems relevant today? The students should email their responses to me prior to the next class.

Lithuanian School