The Civic Action

This Saturday was very special.  We joined the civic-action “Lithuania Is Calling.”  The goal of the action is for all Lithuanians wherever they live abroad to celebrate together all of the Lithuanian state holidays (January 13, February 16, March 11).  Let’s be united, especially on these dates.

On March 11 our students enjoyed a virtual communication – a “bridge” – with students from the Aukštelkė main school in the Šiauliai region.  Our students introduced themselves in a funny way!  Each had to use a descriptive adjective preceding his or her name beginning with the same letter as their names (“A” à “A”).  The common goal was to work together to develop creative greetings to their counterparts in Lithuania.  We expressed our thanks to Vaidas Bacys, the school principal, teacher Inga Zykienė, and all of the parents and students who came to the school and spent time with us.

Here is our greeting to Lithuania:

Lithuania!  Be free, dear, loved, beautiful, happy, caring, truthful, wise, interesting, colorful, prosperous, imaginative, singing, and significant.


Lithuanian School