Students Thoughts About Books and Presentation of Their Booklets

There was a great variety of students’ booklets, on such themes as the alphabet, the seasons of the year, what one wants to be, words, and sentences, as well as an adventure tale anda serious book created by the ninth-graders entitled, “Saturday – A Work Day.”

We thank our great teachers, creative students, and devoted parents for their collaboration.

Here are some of the students’ responses to the question “What does a book mean to you?”

Ula:     “A book has great value.”

Eva:     “ I read … and learn.”

Sofija:  “A book is a world of fantasy.”

Nomeda: “A book means having a good time.  Sometimes it is like a sleeping aid to help you get to sleep.”

Kristupas:  “To me, a book is like a film.  Books should be read to understand history.”

Benas:  “Books are a great interest of mine.  Especially those that have been made into films.”

Jonas:  “You read and learn.  It is interesting to find out what happened in olden times.”

Lithuanian School